Sunday, 30 December 2007

Christmas Travels

This year for Christmas, we spent it in Utah. We left London on the 19th and flew to Dallas, Texas where we had about a 3 hour layover before flying to Salt Lake City. The flight wasn’t that bad, as we consumed most of our time watching movies. Although one thing confirmed….airplane food SUCKS! We did have emergency door isle seats and no seats in front of us, so we had plenty of room which was nice.

We spent plenty of our time partaking in the last minute Christmas shopping, since we only brought a few gifts from England back. Typically, the Christmas crowds drive us crazy, but after living in London with crowds, crowds, and more crowds of people, apparently we were immune to it this year.

We were able to get some ski time in at Snowbasin. It is a wonderful ski resort and only about a 20 minute drive from our family. We had planned to do some XC skiing, but due to the weather and having a tight schedule, plus we both came down with head colds, we weren’t able to squeeze in XC skiing.

It was great seeing family and friends. There were several people we didn’t get to see that we had hoped to see. For those of you we were able to see, thank you for squeezing time into your busy holiday schedules for us, we really enjoyed spending time with you.

Hard to believe that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! We are back in London now to celebrate the New Year. We will celebrate the New Year at some new friends’ house in Chiswick, Valerie and Justin. (Thanks Donna for introducing us!) We are also looking forward to seeing some friends from the states, Sarah and Patrick.

For those of you eager to partake in exercise for the New Year, I created an Angie’s Virtual Training Camp. If you are interested in doing it, let me know and I will add your name and give you access to the logging document and tracker. I really miss my workout buddies from the states, so I decided this is a great way for us all to still stay connected and help each other motivate one another.

I currently hear the trainer in the background. That means Jack is on one of our indoor cycling trainers, or testing out a bike he has fiddled with. We use them mainly when the weather outside is poor, and they help training by providing resistance. I expect to see less of Jack for the next 7 months, as he is getting ready to begin training for his upcoming Ironman. The house is already full of expensive cycling gadgets like power meters, training videos, etc., and they are all sure to be used significantly for the months to come.

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