Friday, 15 August 2008

Blowin’ in the Wind or Which way the Wind Blows

The wind is intangible, may be that is why I don’t like the English wind. In London, it is cold, irritating, frustrating and causes my unruly curls to take flight and create complete disarray leaving me looking like Cousin ITT from the Addams Family.

It is August and I can think of a week… ok, may be two weeks at most, where a scarf or jumper wasn’t required. Jack and I wondered how the summer escaped us. Funny how previously we longed for cooler days, as there were times when we felt like we were melting in the Texas sun, but we long for summer days now!

Jack and I are typically outdoorsy people and this weather has not only negatively impacted many of our social agendas, but it hinders our hobbies and lifestyle of cycling and jogging, etc. Even leisure tasks, such as walking to our near market or town area are un-enjoyable due to the wind and ways of getting around. Rain is not a problem, and we get plenty of rain and opportunities for the brellas, (we both should own a pair of wellies (rain shoes) but it is the combination of rain and wind that are bothersome. Commuting is a whole other topic.

Are the answers with our dilemmas living in London obvious, so obvious that they are blowin' in the wind right in front of us....

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