Monday, 3 November 2008

Down Under Arriving

We will stay in London for Thanksgiving and celebrate with friends at a near by restaurant. We fly to Australia the following morning to Sydney and then to Perth. We will be in Australia for a week before flying to New Zealand for holiday.

I sit here trying to find a British television programme to entertain me, as Jack logs his daily training. Tonight, we went out to a near by pub to have a drink in celebration of him completing 20 hours of training; this is the only alcoholic drink this week he has allowed himself to consume. There will be plenty after the race!

In 4 weeks, Dec. 7th, Jack competes in the Western Australia ironman. Here is a link that can provide details: The swim is 3.8kms followed by a 180km bike and topped off with a 42.2km marathon- all race pace.

Everything he has been doing for the last several months is to prepare himself for this race. He has been experiencing with compression gear in hopes it makes improvements with muscle performance and enhance blood flow and recovery. Jack is hopeful he is better, faster and stronger than the Switzerland ironman he did a few months back; his first ironman time was 9:46:46.

He has recently been getting some weekly swim coaching in an endless pool. It is great to see him swim in one place for so long, and nice for me to learn by watching his swim techniques via recorded, it shows all angels in and out of water! Too cool!
For months Jack watches his sleep, exercise, eating, and breaks in order to create a healthy balance. Interesting how in the workplace he is often times referred to as “different”. Some I suppose believe he isn’t as committed to his job and work duties due to his love and respect for challenging his body’s energies. Many exclaim their admiration and respect for him. He has certainly established a set of “rituals” that help him achieve a goal and he remains disciplined.

Sad how one can get up from their desk for a smoke break and it is considered normal, but if one goes for a brisk walk, stretch or swim and one is “interesting” or some other label is attached. Mind and body are one, when has it become the norm to not care and test our individual fitness reservoirs?

In two days, the U.S. will have new president! What is the current election’s historical context in the texts and books to come? What an election! Election day will be very interesting.

Days are continuously gray here; no wonder earl gray is a popular tea amongst many here. We are really looking forward to some warm days!

Local news- rumours the American Embassy is moving to our little town of Battersea. Also the Bond movie party was at the Battersea Power Station last week.

Ang & Jack


Nikki said...

Hey there! I know what you mean about people and their interpretation of a healthy lifestyle. I feel like a spaz-maniac around daron sometimes because I really try to maintain the right focus. No one in my family works out and most of them smoke. I quit March 2001. Its hard to find people that relate to, especially with diet. I admire Jack for his conditioning as I ALSO admire you. You look hot!

Nikki said...

I know what you mean about dieting and working out. I feel like a spaz-maniac around Daron sometimes. He doesn't need to, but I get lonely. Its hard to find those who are conscientious about diet and fitness. I admire jack and YOU for your devotion in a world full of lazy people who don't give a hoot. I quit smoking 6+ years ago and I am the only girl in my family that does go to the gym. i have been since 1999 and I will continue.