Monday, 10 May 2010

Learning Tools

Sharing learning notes and takeaways from L&D Call- presented by Julie Wedgwood with the The Learning & Skills Group. Hopefully some of you will find some of the links useful and may incorporate in day to day job with presenting, learning, as a subject matter expert, etc.

FREE Polaroid Image Maker-Polaroid Picture sample-can post into word, put up in Website. Notes:Makes amateur photos acceptable, L&D, newsletters, other

FREE Instant Screencasts for Twitter, Record your screencast-

Create a Polaroid, page curl image effect in PPT2007:

FREE automatic photo collage maker-

FREE create your own motivational posters put in text, load in photograph and it creates- easy to create posters

FREE stock photo site:
Pixie is a utility made especially for webmasters and designers. It is a color picker with few extra goodies:

FREE image manipulation programme, can be used for photo retouching, image authoring, image composition, etc:

FREE screen effects for presentations and more:

FREE accessibility tools
Rapid set- good and free helpful for dyslexia- allows individuals to change color, etc.

Big and chunky mouse pointers
mouseketeer - MAC mouse

FREE color schemer generator online
here’s one that matches a palette to a single colour that you enter
Graphics manipulation tool for windows (similar to gimp) ‘IrfanView’ -

FREE virtual magnifying glass, open source screen magnifier:
Do you use music when instructing and presenting, for setting moods, introducing topics, etc. (copyright issues so be aware) Copyright for music: can download must read legal statement on how you can use.

May need a broadcast license- prs-
PRS for music site:

FREE test to movie maker! Make movies FREE! Can use for role play too, script writing and playing, sharing, use for blogs, etc.

Animated sequences and working with case studies, etc. drag and position! Props for learning and case studies, etc.

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