Thursday, 6 May 2010

Pre & Post Training Engagement

Pre & Post Training Engagement with Line Managers

Ask yourself two very important questions:

1) What is your pre-training partnership conversation like prior to agreeing on supporting a learning intervention with an employee?

2) How about your post-training discussion?

Why are these important you ask?

Alot of people believe the critical point in a learning experience is the training experience itself. Guess what, the training event makes a minor contribution; however the BEFORE and AFTER discussions are key to realizing the total value of a learning opportunity.

What is your role as a line manager you ask?

That means significant attention needs to be given by line managers and employees prior to and after.

The pre-training discussion you have ensures the solution is appropriate while you assess their competencies, gaps and strengths. You form a joint understanding of the development needed, agree on an approach.

The post-training junction discussion allows you to discuss the application of newly acquired skills in the workplace. Also, as line managers, you are coaches, mentors, feedback givers and motivators and you are invaluable in ensuring and enhancing learning outcomes.

What is transfer of learning you ask?

Wikipedia definition

Training Transfer Strategies

What tools can you use to support you in post-discussions?
If you would like a copy of a post learning summary document please email me.

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