Sunday, 6 June 2010

Books24X7 and Promiscuous with Reading

I love reading and at times find myself reading more than one book at a time. I am promiscuous with reading!

I was curious about Business Pro, which is a collection under Books24X7 and recently received access. Since my subscription, I have been submerged in it time permitting; as it is such a fantastic resource for on-demand learning and has really assisted me with brainstorming ideas, research, and creative solutions and recommendations. It really does offer instant searchable access to top quality books which cover a range of topics and thousands of titles from leading authors and publishers, such has Harvard Business School Press, McGraw Hill and Oxford University Press!

The thing I really like about the tool is that I create my own personal folder, then search topics and browse titles and save those which interest me to my appropriate folder(s) for accessing when it is convenient for me. In addition Books24X7 on the go allows users to access Business Pro from any compatible PDA or handheld device.

In Business Pro alone, there are currently over 5777 online books and in 2010 12 new books have already been released!! Some of the business topics in Business Pro are: Business skills, Corporate Case Studies & Interviews, Training & Development, Finance & Accounting, HR, International Business, Management & Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Project Management, Quality & Manufacturing Management, Sustainability, Team Skills, and Technology in Business.

Ask yourself, might this be a great tool for your individual learning, or for a group in your professional community, or perhaps for individuals working on a special project whereby there is a requirement for quick information to either acquire new skills, enhance or refresh existing knowledge? How might such a tool be helpful for yourself or with the design of training for a team, or as a reference/resource in a project, or simply to fulfill a desire to read on a topic of curiosity.....

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