Saturday, 5 June 2010

A Long Horn Ironman

What motivational forces and factors or theorists come to mind when you think of anyone interested in a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride followed by a 26.2 marathon? Are there any Ironman triathletes in the University of Texas, or UT alumni who are keen to tap into learning’s from a seasoned triathlete?

Jack Cartwright recently qualified for Kona and will be headed to the big island of Kona in October to compete in the World Championship. Congratulations Jack, on your remarkable personal achievement! If you take a close look at all Jack’s finishing photos, you will spot the well known “Hook 'em" horns hand signal.....yep that’s right, he isn’t too fatigued to “Hook 'em" on the way in.

If you are interested in how he fits in a 50+ work week, 20+ hours of training as well as coaching athletes, and what lessons learned he can share, feel free to drop him a line at:

Also, what comes to your mind about various perspectives of teamwork, team-building, communications, planning and preparation, as well as capability and potential when you review the accomplishments of this alumni student? What about his ability to create targets and goals, inspiration and role-models, skills/knowledge/attitude factors? Is there much humour and fun with such serious dedication? Consider his personal project management skills, encouragement and self-coaching as well as what project support required in order for such achievement and recognition. Lastly, what about evaluation and measurement, what does success look like to Jack and how does he measure it?

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